Ella's Virtual Bingo
Ella's Virtual Bingo

Ella's Virtual Bingo

Sass, attitude and prizes -- all online!


Win Gift Cards from over 80+ different brands

Virtual Bingo!?! Really!!

Welcome to Ella's Virtual Bingo, the most fabulous online event hosted by none other than the illustrious Ella Lamoureux, Kelowna's Sweetheart and drag scene icon. With your active Unicorns.LIVE membership, you can dive into the glittering world of bingo like never before—no physical venue required! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can join in from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to play. Say goodbye to traditional paper bingo cards; our platform is fully digital, providing an eco-friendly twist to the classic game. And if you're feeling nostalgic, just print your cards and mark them old-school style.

The prizes? Alluring gift cards loaded with Canadian Dollars, ready to make your victories even sweeter. But the real prize is the entertainment; Ella's sass and unpredictable quips are a guarantee. She's as likely to praise your bingo prowess as she is to playfully prod your bingo blunders—all in good fun, of course. And with the interactive live chat, you're not just playing bingo; you're part of the show. Respond to Ella's antics, cheer on your fellow players, and maybe throw a little shade (all in the name of fun) as you vie for those coveted gift cards. Get ready for a night where bingo balls and jests are thrown with equal flair—this is Ella's Virtual Bingo!

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About Ella

About Ella

Ella Lamoureux is one of the founding queens of the Kelowna drag scene. From Kelowna’s Next Drag Superstar drag competition, to Embodiment, to #2muffs1collr and everything in between, Ella has carved out her place as one of the most influential and stunning queens in Kelowna. A makeup artist by trade, Ella will eternally tease you with her beauty. But, watch out if you displease her — that tongue is quick and sharper than you think! She’s generally “as sweet as cherry pie” and she brings so much love and joy to the community. A true charmer, Ella Lamoureux is Kelowna’s Sweetheart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to play?

Not at all! You just have to be an active Unicorns.LIVE member or be playing bingo with someone who is an active member.

How to I get my Bingo Card?

We display a website link on the stream at the start and you will be able to claim your card at this time.

Can I cancel any time?

You sure can. Memberships are renewed on a monthly or annual basis. Depending what you selected you must cancel before your renewal date. 

What are the prizes if I win?

You can win a virtual gift that can be used at major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and more! 

How do I claim my prize if I win?

When you get access to your bingo card online you will provide your email. If you have a successful bingo during the game you will receive an email from Giftogram 24-48 hours after the game with details on how to redeem your prize. 

What is included in the membership plans?

  • Access to our community

  • Access to all on-demand content

  • Access to all live shows & games

  • 2 Complimentary Reserved seats at in person Naughty Bingo

  • Discounts on purchases through www.rebelliousunicorns.com:

    • Monthly Members

      • 15% Discount on Merchandise

      • 15% Discount on Event Tickets

    • Annual Members

      • 20% Discount on Merchandise

      • 20% Discount on Event Tickets

99.9% of content available on Unicorns.LIVE is available to our members. On the rare occasion we have content that is available to the public but not to members, this is typically due to licensing of the content. 

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