The Unicorn Review – Voices Unheard

Show Review: Voices Unheard
Host: Dustyn Baulkham, Executive Producer
Interviewee: Jessica Samuels
Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental guidance suggested. May contain coarse language, mature content.

The Unicorn Review is an end of the year check in to highlight all the crazy new shows we got to do this year. Each episode will focus on a different series and our Executive Producer Dustyn Baulkham will interview the hosts of each show and get their reactions to some specific scenes from their show. Unicorns.LIVE was born during COVID as we need a place to bring creatives together safely since in person events were no longer an option.

This show is available on Unicorns.LIVE and on the Unicorns.LIVE Facebook Page.

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Dec 29 2020


7:00 PM