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May 13

🌟 Episode 13 of "Dénht’ā" is live!🌟

Join our host Ella Lamoureux for an enthralling conversation with the incredible Nadine Wilson, a performer enriched by her Heltzik and Blackfoot heritage.

Dive into an episode filled with:

  • Electrifying tales from Nadine's career in burlesque and circus arts.

  • Deep discussions on cultural identity, including the significance of traditions and the profound connections to the land.

  • Insights into Nadine’s upbringing across coastal and prairie landscapes and the importance of cultural ceremonies like Sundance.

  • A journey through the rediscovery of language and traditions, highlighting the transformative power of art and community in shaping Indigenous identity.

🎭🌲 This episode is a vivid celebration of performance, heritage, and the vibrant life stories that shape our identities.

🎥 Watch Now

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share your reflections using #DenhtāPodcast and join our community in celebrating the stories that connect and enlighten us!


Dénht’ā E13: Nadine

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May 20

🌟 Episode 14 of "Dénht’ā" is Live! 🌟

Dive into Serenity Katchmar's journey of identity and belonging in our latest episode!

Join our host Ella Lamoureux  for a deep exploration of:

  • Serenity's experiences navigating Indigenous identity in different Canadian landscapes, from Thompson, Manitoba to West Kelowna, British Columbia.

  • The challenges of being misidentified due to appearance and her path to reconnecting with her roots while embracing her sexuality.

  • The struggles and triumphs of overcoming societal labels and finding a supportive community in new places.

  • The impact of racism, stereotypes, and the liberating discovery of self that comes with moving to new territories.

🌈💫 This episode shines a light on the importance of self-acceptance and the beauty of embracing one's full identity.

🎥 Watch Now!

We're eager to hear your reflections! Share your thoughts using #DenhtāPodcast and join our community in celebrating the stories that connect and enlighten us!


Dénht’ā E14: Serenity Katchmar

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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May 02

🌟 Episode 17 of 'Queerpreneurs Unleashed' is LIVE! 🌈

Meet Amanda Krushel, a visionary financial advisor, proud cisgender lesbian, and loving mother.

Join host Dustyn as he delves into Amanda's compelling life story, from her heartfelt coming out journey to her inspiring professional path in the financial sector.

Amanda discusses the joys and challenges of parenting her son Theo with her wife Sarah, and the triumphs of being a queer entrepreneur. This episode not only sheds light on Amanda's personal and professional life but also highlights her dedication to inclusivity and excellence in her field.

🎥 Watch Now!

Tune in for an episode that celebrates personal authenticity and professional success. Don’t miss Amanda's inspiring story of building a legacy that blends her values with her career!


Queerpreneurs Unleashed E17...

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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April 25

🌟 Episode 16 of 'Queerpreneurs Unleashed' is NOW STREAMING! 🎉

Join host Dustyn as he delves into the powerful and authentic story of Tony Munday, sharing his journey from a conservative upbringing to becoming a proud gay entrepreneur.

Tony reveals his early struggles with identity and the liberating process of embracing his true self. He delves into the intricacies of managing a multifaceted business and discusses the transformative power of self-acceptance and his meaningful contributions to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

🎥 Watch Now!

Join us for an episode that's not just about Tony’s path to success but an inspiring call to live authentically and pursue resilience in all aspects of life. Don’t miss this inspiring tale of courage and entrepreneurial spirit!


Queerpreneurs Unleashed E16...

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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April 13
• Edited (Apr 13, 2024)

🌈✨ Episode 14 of 'Queerpreneurs Unleashed' is HERE! 🌟

Dive deep into a captivating conversation as host Dustyn welcomes the extraordinary Peter Breeze. Set against the stunning Coast Salish territory, this episode is a vibrant exploration of Peter's journey - from embracing his queer identity amid challenges to pioneering a distinctive path in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Engaging topics like discrimination, the essence of authenticity, and the delicate balance between spirituality and religion are explored, shedding light on the queer entrepreneurial experience's unique facets. This episode is an inspirational showcase of resilience, courage, and the power of living authentically in the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Don't let this incredible story pass you by.

🎥 Watch now!


Queerpreneurs Unleashed E14...

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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April 22

🌈 New Episode Alert! 🌈

Episode 11 of "Dénht’ā" is live, featuring the incredible Jesilo, also known as Kaos, from Canada's Drag Race Season 3!

Join host Ella Lamoureux  for a deep dive into the vibrant worlds of drag and indigenous identity with Jesilo. 🎭🍂

In this episode:

  • Unpack the rich tapestry of Jesilo’s Two-Spirit and Métis heritage and its influence on their life and performances.

  • Explore the dynamic interplay between drag artistry and indigenous identity, revealing powerful stories of resilience and creativity.

  • Hear Jesilo's inspiring journey from their beginnings to becoming a beacon of strength in both the drag and indigenous communities.

  • Engage with candid discussions on the changing landscapes of gender expression and the importance of cultural reconnection.

This episode offers a profound look at the journey of self-discovery and embracing multiple identities through art and expression. 🌟💫

🎥 Watch now!

We can't wait to hear your reflections! Share your thoughts using #DenhtāPodcast and join the conversation. Let's celebrate the stories that connect and enlighten us!


Dénht’ā E11: Kaos / Jesilo

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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April 18

🌈✨ Episode 15 of 'Queerpreneurs Unleashed' is now LIVE! 🚀

Join host Dustyn as he sits down with the inspiring Tommy Dolanjski in a candid discussion that explores the vibrant intersections of personal identity and entrepreneurship within the queer community.

Tommy opens up about his journey from hosting club nights to managing top drag talent, highlighting the triumphs and challenges of cultivating a dynamic queer community through memorable events. They delve into Tommy's personal and professional evolution, discussing the nuances of balancing life and work in the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

🎥 Watch Now!

Don't miss this empowering conversation that celebrates the courage, creativity, and community spirit of queer entrepreneurs like Tommy!


Queerpreneurs Unleashed E15...

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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March 19

The Jussica Park Trivia event, initially planned for today, has been postponed to April 16th.

As some of you may know, Fierce Brosnan is still on the mend and not yet at full strength. Additionally, we are currently experiencing unreliable internet service in Thailand, which has impacted our ability to host the event as planned. After careful consideration, we have decided that rescheduling is the best course of action to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

We understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding this event and apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. Your understanding and support mean the world to us, especially as we navigate these unexpected challenges.

We look forward to hosting you on April 16th for the Jussica Park Trivia event and are excited to share a fun and engaging experience with all of you. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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April 08

🌟 New Episode Alert! 🌟 Dive into Episode 9 of "Dénht’ā" featuring the incredible Métis Two Spirit artist, Beth, from Vancouver!

Join host Ella Lamoureux in a vibrant conversation that delves deep into the heart of identity, culture, and life as an Indigenous individual in urban settings. 🌆🍃

In this episode:

  • Unpack the complexities of Beth's Métis Two Spirit identity and their experiences in Vancouver.

  • Explore the intersection of community, identity, and personal journey in urban Indigenous life.

  • Get a candid look at Beth's reality TV experiences and the representation of Indigenous identities in the media.

  • Understand the nuances of Two-Spirit identity in today's world through laughter, honest reflections, and shared stories.

This episode is a profound exploration of navigating life, culture, and identity in contemporary settings, offering valuable insights and heartfelt stories. 💬🎨

🎥 Watch now!

We can't wait to hear your thoughts! Share your reflections using #DenhtāPodcast and join the conversation. Let's celebrate the stories that connect and enlighten us!


Dénht’ā E9: Beth

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...
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April 16

🎭 Episode 10 of "Dénht’ā" is Live! 🎭 Join us for an unforgettable journey with the magnetic Thanks Jem!

In this episode, host Ella Lamoureux  and guest Thanks Jem dive into a raw and unfiltered discussion about life experiences, drag culture, and indigenous heritage. 🌈🍃

In this episode:

  • Engage in deep conversations about identity, colonial history, and resilience with Ella and Thanks Jem.

  • Laugh along with hilarious stories about foster homes, questionable life choices, and the unique zest of indigenous humor.

  • Explore the powerful intersection of indigenous identity with the vibrant world of drag, highlighting the challenges and beauty of living authentically.

  • Experience a rich tapestry of emotions, insights, and laughter that paint a vivid picture of the indigenous experience.

This episode is a colorful exploration of culture, identity, and the courage to be oneself in a complex world. 🎤🎨

🎥 Watch now!

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share your reflections using #DenhtāPodcast and join our community in celebrating the stories that inspire and connect us.


Dénht’ā E10: Thanks Jem

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...