May 27

🌈 New Episode Alert! 🌈

Episode 15 of "Dénht’ā" is now live with the inspiring Jewell Gillies, a proud Two Spirit member of the Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw from the Kwikwasut'inuxw Nation!

Join our host Ella Lamoureux as we dive into:

  • The vibrant tapestry of Indigenous culture, focusing on the power of language and cultural preservation.

  • Critical discussions on Indigenous education and the unique experiences of Two Spirit individuals within their communities.

  • Jewel's incredible stories of resilience, humor, and profound wisdom, offering an intimate look at the richness of Indigenous cultures.

  • A celebration of Indigenous joy, emphasizing the importance of being a ‘good human’ and fostering connections across communities.

💫🌟 This episode is a journey filled with laughter, learning, and the celebration of life and identity.

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Dénht’ā E15: Jewell Gillies

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...