May 13

🌟 Episode 13 of "Dénht’ā" is live!🌟

Join our host Ella Lamoureux for an enthralling conversation with the incredible Nadine Wilson, a performer enriched by her Heltzik and Blackfoot heritage.

Dive into an episode filled with:

  • Electrifying tales from Nadine's career in burlesque and circus arts.

  • Deep discussions on cultural identity, including the significance of traditions and the profound connections to the land.

  • Insights into Nadine’s upbringing across coastal and prairie landscapes and the importance of cultural ceremonies like Sundance.

  • A journey through the rediscovery of language and traditions, highlighting the transformative power of art and community in shaping Indigenous identity.

🎭🌲 This episode is a vivid celebration of performance, heritage, and the vibrant life stories that shape our identities.

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Dénht’ā E13: Nadine

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