June 06

🎀🌈 If you haven't seen it yet, or just can't get enough, dive back into Voices Unheard Episode 2! 🌟

🎡 Join the incredible Ash Weis, aka Biawanna, as they share their powerful journey with us. Ash (she/they/them), a dynamic queer/non-binary artist and proud WOC Indigenous Fijian/Solomon, captivates with their unique blend of indie-pop, RNB, and dance-pop. 🎢

πŸ‘‘ Drawing strength from their namesake, Biawanna, a matriarch of the Solomon Islands, Ash channels the legacy of leadership and creativity that flows through their veins. Get an exclusive insight into their life, music, and the upcoming debut EP, β€˜Care’. 🎧

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Voices Unheard S1E2: Biawan...

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