June 13

🌟 Have you caught this powerful episode yet? If not, it's time to tune in, or perhaps revisit, Voices Unheard Episode 3! 🌟

💬 Meet Alaina Young (she/her/hers), who courageously shares her experiences and challenges as a plus-size woman in a society obsessed with certain body ideals. 🍏 While striving for health through exercise and healthy eating, Alaina discusses the real impacts of societal perceptions and mental health struggles that come with being "fat."

📺 Join host Jessica Samuels for an eye-opening conversation with Alaina about body acceptance, mental health, and the deconstruction of beauty standards. This episode isn't just about challenges; it's about embracing hope and humanity, regardless of size.

👉 Watch now and gain a new perspective on body positivity and the human experience.

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Voices Unheard S1E3: Alaina...

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