May 20

🌟 Episode 14 of "Dénht’ā" is Live! 🌟

Dive into Serenity Katchmar's journey of identity and belonging in our latest episode!

Join our host Ella Lamoureux  for a deep exploration of:

  • Serenity's experiences navigating Indigenous identity in different Canadian landscapes, from Thompson, Manitoba to West Kelowna, British Columbia.

  • The challenges of being misidentified due to appearance and her path to reconnecting with her roots while embracing her sexuality.

  • The struggles and triumphs of overcoming societal labels and finding a supportive community in new places.

  • The impact of racism, stereotypes, and the liberating discovery of self that comes with moving to new territories.

🌈💫 This episode shines a light on the importance of self-acceptance and the beauty of embracing one's full identity.

🎥 Watch Now!

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Dénht’ā E14: Serenity Katchmar

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental...