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December 04

What the Tea E4 is live tomorrow! Check out Tory Braun as she Iced Tea's that cold B*!*H!

November 23

We are thrilled to introduce a new podcast and series that will begin recording in December... Dénht’ā - Hi How Are you? With Ella l'Amoureux

"Dénht’ā," which means "Hi. How are you?" in the Kaska Dene language, is more than just a greeting. It's an invitation to engage, to understand, and to connect. In each episode of this podcast, we'll be diving into the lives of Indigenous folks from a variety of First Nations. We're exploring everything from the complexities of living in a colonial world to the rich tapestry of our cultural identities and how these are woven into our daily lives.

Read the full blog on:

Be on the podcast with Ella Lamoureux

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November 21

The final episode of Ella's Holiday Season has now dropped. Don't miss out.

November 19

Ella's next Holiday episode is up and ready for you!

November 20

Have you participated in Ella's Virtual Bingo Yet? Be sure to check it out tonight Check out the schedule here -

November 01

Basically Ella is back with a 3 part Holiday Series.... live recording next week! 

Nov 6 - Single & Looking -
Nov 7 - Outside Your Comfort Zone - Lips -
Nov 9 - Holiday Hussy -

Edited Recordings will be available in later November for your viewing pleasure!

November 18
• Edited (Nov 18, 2023)

Basically Ella Lamoureux : Single and Looking is up and ready for you!! She makes it easy to get ready for the holiday parties.